Management consulting

Company audit, preparation of acquisition

  • Assessment of financial and operational performance
  • Mapping of bottlenecks
  • Modeling the performance of company divisions
  • Mapping business opportunities

Interim management

  • Temporary rent of managerial competencies
  • Strategic decision support
  • Preparation and management of organizational and process changes
  • Preparation and implementation of measurements enhancing efficiency
  • Support of company owners and managers

Real estate investment

  • Complete design of new infrastructure
  • Planning of warehouse layouts
  • Machine resource planning (stackers and material handling equipments, truck)
  • Human resource planning (organizational hierarchy, staff planning) and mapping

Project management

  • Management of logistic and ICT projects
  • Project management consulting

Enhancing operational efficiency

  • Audit of the organizational structure
  • Administrative staff resource optimization
  • Process control
  • Cost audit
  • In/Outsourcing

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