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Frequently asked questions to help you provide tax information to TuneCore. Why do I need to give TuneCore this tax information? TuneCore has recently undertaken a review of its files and we have been unable to locate your applicable U. These forms are used to represent U. There are several forms available — which do I need to fill out? Please use the wizard provided on the first a 10 legjobb bináris opciós kereskedő of the tax form, which should indicate the appropriate form for you to complete.

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If you are a foreign business or non-resident alien earning income sourced from the U. Please note, however, that we cannot provide tax advice.

You may want to consult your local jövedelem a webhelyen advisor, or the IRS at www.


Do I need to do this if I already pay taxes in my country of residence outside the U. Yes, you are still required to submit the appropriate W-8 form. There are tax treaties between the U. This is not limited to just Publishing Administration but is for all reportable earnings posted to your TuneCore account. Please fill out one jövedelem a webhelyen per TuneCore account.

Please also ensure that you have filled out all required fields.

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It might also help to clear your cookies or use an incognito window. What should I do if I pay more than one artist or entity from my account? Please use the wizard provided, or consult your local tax advisor for more information and guidance on how to fill out the tax form.

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Can I fill this form out once and have the information apply to all of my TuneCore accounts? Will I be receiving a from TuneCore for ?

If you are a U. As a non-U.

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Do I need to apply for one to the IRS in order to complete this form? This will not affect your ability to claim treaty benefits.

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That said, we cannot provide tax advice. So, you may want to consult your local tax advisor, or the IRS at www.

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Why am I not being allowed to enter Form ? How do I know if my form was successfully submitted?

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