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They all have mostly female workforce. Deborah Flanagan worked in the travel industry and this is home job recovery story.

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I've been in the travel industry for 12 years. I travel a lot so it really was a good combination of of the things that I enjoyed doing when the pandemic hit. Deborah Flanagan knew her job was on the line by April.

It was just a little bit of shock but. It was it was mostly expected, flanagan's unemployment checks and her husband's income kept the family afloat.

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Did you get all your homework done but she had to make some changes. We just started cutting costs looked at utilities and try to switch providers and do whatever we could to save a little bit. I kind of immediately got you know my resume together.

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There's nothing under travel consulting. It was been really hard.

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It comes up empty quite a bit. It's a really kind of dead market right now.

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Deborah has. Turned her attention to building a community newsletter because she doesn't know if or when she can ever return to the travel industry going back into the industry, It's gonna be home job recovery heck of a lot more competition.


It's gonna be a much harder comeback. The unknown it's hard.

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It is so hard. LinkedIn has been studying this issue for it series. It's called conversations for change.

Employment is expected to rise but remain below its pre-crisis level. Most employment growth will be in business and other services. This is slower than employment growth forecast for the EU as a whole, where average employment fell in and is expected to reach its pre-crisis level in Figure 1 Past and forecast employment, Hungary millions Sector developments The economic crisis reduced employment mainly in construction and manufacturing, but also in the primary sector between and Figure 2.

Carolyn Fairchild is editor at large of LinkedIn Global news team and joins us this morning. It's really good to see you. There are a lot of Deborah Flanagan's out there.

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A lot of people are telling the same story. Need to do to keep women in the workforce Well Good morning Gail.

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I'm glad that you ask that question the pandemic has had an outsized impact on the careers of tens of millions of professionals. What we're finding is that women particularly women of color are burying the brunt of this crisis.

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There are 2. So if employers don't act now don't think.

Flexible workplace policies don't check in with the current women that they have in their workforce. We're risking decades of progress being erased from women in terms of what they've done in the workforce since So Carolyn I wanna talk about how we get women back into the workforce.

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Pandemic is that that stigma has virtually gone away. We've hear from hiring managers on LinkedIn, who say they almost expect career gaps because of the devastating impact this pandemic has had on the labor force so walk in confident knowing that that's the case don't feel bad about it actually come in with the case for what you've done during this time, the skills that you've gained maybe you've taken courses home job recovery will help you with your next job but really own the fact that this has been a hard time for everyone and know that you're not alone.

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