500 at kereshet az interneten

500 at kereshet az interneten

Carlos, the property manager, went above and beyond in his kindness and helpfulness to us in dealing with the civil unrest at kereshet az interneten affected us for our entire stay. He made a call in Spanish for us to our airline to arrange a much earlier return home.

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And, also arranged for his amazing taxi driver Juan to pick us up for day trips outside of Quito during the times when rioting was occuring. Carlos also went to a pharmacy for eye drops for me as I didn't know where to go as well as it being better for us to not be out walking around due to demonstrations.

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His wife Stepanie is American and she too helped us with logistical issues due to the demonstrations. Her parents actually own Los Andes.

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The location of the guesthouse would have been quite convenient to explore the colonial historic area had we been able to walk around. His english was good 500 at kereshet az interneten it was the guesthouse was lovely.

The room was sizeable. Bővebben Rövidebben.

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Pénzcentrum Érdemes a saját kezedbe venni a dolgokat, már ha nem akarsz egy vagon pénzt elkölteni. Lehet, hogy érdekel.

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